Baja Borger 2018

During the weekend of 3,4 and 5 November 2018 the TT-Instituut Rallyteam competed in the Baja Borger. During this weekend the new team members experienced how it is to work in a rally bivouac. All the team members put in a lot of effort in servicing the car during this weekend.

We are proud to say that we got first place in the special class.

Morocco Desert Challenge 2018

In April 2018 the TT-Insituut Rallyteam competed in the Morocco Dessert Challenge (MDC). The idea of competing in the MDC was devised by C. Lanting, a teacher at the TT-Instituut. He came up with the idea as an exam assignment.

When the class was informed by the teachers, everyone got excited straight away. That same day the rally car and service truck arrived at school. After that different groups where formed. Each group has their own task in the team to make it a success.

The TT-Instituut Rallyteam finished the rally successfully. They can proudly say that they finished 24th at the Morocco Dessert Challenge 2018.